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Bridgerton Inspired Weddings

One of the hottest Netflix shows of the year – Bridgerton has been taking over not only our televisions, but weddings as well! Taking place in 19th century England, the show has brought out an aesthetic that has attracted people all over the world. What makes Bridgerton’s style so unique? It combines a historical look along with modern details. This combination has been a huge hit amongst fans of the show and those who are big fans of this gorgeous look. As we move into 2022, weddings are back and for those looking for a creative spin – this might be the look for you.

The show itself has a wedding take place which is what set off this inspiration in the first place. If you want to echo the elements of Bridgerton’s aesthetic – here’s what you’ll need. First you’ll need a more minimalist design! You can achieve this just like the show by using simple table linens, subdued bouquets and subtle florals. The one big extravagance that the show uses is a large and decadent wedding cake that functions as the centerpiece. You can use a cake, desserts, food stations and more to bring that extra extravagance to your big day!

Now that you know all about Bridgerton Inspired Weddings – it’s time to start planning. Work with our talented team today to make your fairy-tale ending come true! Give us a call today at 631-471-6609!

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