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“Flower Guys” Instead of Flower Girls

When planning a wedding, most couples opt for the traditional flower girl who holds a basket and drops petals down the aisle. Now, as non-traditional weddings have become trendier, having “flower guys” has been all the rage recently!

As this trend became famous via Tiktok, it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. A flower guy is a full-grown man who takes the job of the traditional flower girl. With petals stashed in a fanny pack or a comically small basket, he makes his entrance before the bride, strutting down the aisle dancing and throwing petals at the guest and some have even handed out beers!

This trend makes your wedding more inclusive and fun! It’s a great way to set the vibe for the night and start things with a little fun. This is also a great way to include a friend, sibling, or family member in the wedding.

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