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Mismatched Bridal Party Dresses

Having your bridesmaids wear the same dress is so last year! Letting your girls get to be comfortable in the dress shape and style of their choice is in! There are many ways to incorporate mismatched dresses. It is all about what you think will work best for you and your wedding.

Here are some examples:

Different style dress with the same color

Different color dress with the same style

Different colors and styles

There are many options and ways to keep it all coordinated while maintaining the mismatched look.

Here are some things that can help with the process:

Tie everything together with details

Pick one length for all dresses

Give your girls direction

Pick a color scheme

Send examples

This is a growing trend that many people have started to incorporate into their weddings. All your bridesmaids aren’t going to fit the same dress perfectly so giving them the option to select their own dress gives the bridal party a unique touch.

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